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Exercises for Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair is every individual’s wish. Few decades ago people used to have healthy shiny hair with no complaints. But with changing times and further change in lifestyle and environment everyone is experiencing various issues regarding hair care. Just as the body needs nutrition, hydration, peaceful mind and exercises so does the hair. Bad hair also leads to mental stress and anxiety.

Having a balanced diet , keeping yourself hydrated , being positive and exercising will help one get a healthy shiny mane.

  • Exercises increases the blood circulation to the scalp and also opens the blocked pores thus releasing the necessary essential oils.
  • Workout improves the blood supply to the scalp and increases nourishment making them strong.
  • They release the hormones endorphins which reduce stress, relaxes and control hair loss.

Both Pranayam  and Yoga are useful to stimulate your scalp and thus hair growth.

Few  exercises that stimulate the hair growth are:

pranayam,kapalbhati,anulom vilom

Kapalbhati: This supplies abundant oxygen to the brain, removes toxins and promotes nervous system functions thus making hair lustrous and stronger.

Anulom  Vilom: Along with flushing out impurities and providing oxygen, It also helps to control the skin diseases, depression and insomnia which cause hair greying and hair fall.


Adhomukhashwanasan: It is one of the poses in suryanamaskar and helps in relieving stress. It improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain thus stimulating the nerves and improving hair growth. Stand with your feet shoulder apart and bend to  touch the floor. Walk backwards and stretch your arms and legs, face down with ears touching the arms. Hold the pose for 45 seconds.

Any exercise which involves inverted pose with head down ,helps in the blood circulation to the scalp and in turn helps in hair growth and deal with hair issues.


Sarvangasan: Lie on the back and lift both legs together to make a 90 degree angle. Lift the hips and support the back using both the hands. Slowly release the hands while maintaining the balance and place them on the mat . When done perfectly, the chin touches the neck and the entire body is balanced on the shoulders. Hold the position for 45 seconds. This is beneficial for dry and thin hair.


Sirsasana: Also known as headstand, this asana reduces hair loss, thinning, premature greying and promotes hair growth. Kneel down and interlock your fingers of the hands, bend down and touch the forehead to the ground supporting it with the interlocked hands. Raise the legs slowly and stand perpendicular to the ground on the head. Keep the legs close. Try to maintain the balance for few seconds.

Uttanasan (Camel Pose): Strengthens the hair follicles ,improves the hair quality and gives shiny hair. Stand straight with the feet touching each other. While stretching your hands up take a deep breath and bend forward without exhaling. Try to touch the toes and keep the head down. Hold the pose for 45 seconds and exhale while rising up.

Matsyasan: On daily practice gives long, healthy hair. Lie down on the back and fold the legs in the knees like the crossed legs position. Hold your toes and make an arch in the back, head touching the ground. Hold the pose for 45 seconds.

Vajrasan: It’s the best pose and to be done after meals. It helps in gut health and aids good digestion which in turn helps in better absorption of nutrients resulting in healthy hair. Poor gut causes hair thinning and hair loss. Kneel down and sit on the heels with the feet touching each other. Sit straight head and neck aligned together. Place the hands on the thighs and relax. Try to sit for 10 minutes.

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