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24K Gold Shine Serum

2,100.00 (Inclusive of taxes) 1,155.00 (Inclusive of taxes)

Brightening Retinol + Hyaluronic Acid Serum

1,100.00 (Inclusive of taxes) 605.00 (Inclusive of taxes)

Hair Elixir Oil

890.00 (Inclusive of taxes) 623.00 (Inclusive of taxes)

Hair Growth Potion

1,385.00 (Inclusive of taxes) 969.50 (Inclusive of taxes)

Jade Facial Roller

1,700.00 (Inclusive of taxes) 1,190.00 (Inclusive of taxes)

Jade Gua sha

1,500.00 (Inclusive of taxes) 1,050.00 (Inclusive of taxes)

Juicy Rush Kumkumadi Body Oil

1,400.00 (Inclusive of taxes) 770.00 (Inclusive of taxes)

Moisture Burst Cream (For Aging Skin)

1,200.00 (Inclusive of taxes) 660.00 (Inclusive of taxes)

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

1,550.00 (Inclusive of taxes) 1,085.00 (Inclusive of taxes)