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Common Mistakes in Daily Hair Care Routine

A proper hair care routine is a must to maintain good hair health. This affects the appearance as well as overall hygiene. Healthy hair includes healthy scalp as well as shaft. However lack of proper knowledge leads to some mistakes which may affect the hair. Following are some common mistakes which may ruin your hair when repeated on regular basis.

Too much of Hair brushing: Brushing is very important as it stimulates the roots of the hair as well as distribute the natural oils up to the tip of the hair. Over brushing can tear the hair, pull it out and ruin the cuticle layer causing split ends, especially if the hair is chemical or color treated . It may also lead to more oily hair and shaft and further lead to scalp issues.

Using inappropriate brush/comb:  Use of plastic or metal combs produce static, aggravates dryness and leads to pulling and breaking of hair. Comb/ brush has to be selected based on your hair wide-toothed comb for thick curly hair…round bristle brushes for styling…paddle brush for hair that tangles and so on. The comb/brush should have anti static properties.

Cleaning of brushes/ comb: The dandruff, dirt, product residues and grime tend to stick to the bristles and in turn can again deposit on the hair/scalp. Hence the brushes/ comb should be cleaned after every wash. Ignoring this can lead to itching and infections.

Hair wash frequency: Washing hair too often or very rarely both lead damage to  the hair. Hair should be washed twice a week in cold weather and thrice a week in summers. Hair wash removes the dirt, grime off the scalp and shaft and plays an important role in the hygiene while washing hair too often rips off the natural oils and in turn lead to dry scalp and hair which have their own issues.

Not Oiling: Nowadays many hair care treatments refrain from oiling hair but this age old tradition is very important as it forms a protective layer on the hair and helps to deal with all sorts of hair problems.

Frequently using heat styling tools and chemical treatments: Excessive use of styling tools and chemical treatment weakens the hair leading to dry and breakage prone hair.

Washing hair with hot water: Hair should be washed with lukewarm water. Hot water dehydrates the hair due to stripping off of natural oils. This makes hair frizzy and static. Hair when washed with cold water at the end seals the moisture and keeps the scalp hydrated.

Sleeping with open hair: Open hair leads to tangles and breakage. Sleep with a loosely tied braid .Use of satin pillow case would help to keep the hair detangled which would be easily manageable.

Changing hair care products often: Always stick to a product that suits the hair. Frequent changing of products can damage the hair. Use chemical free pure and natural products that nourish the hair and keep them healthy.

Intense hair drying: Hair are weak when they are wet: Drying the hair vigorously with towel will damage the cuticles and break the hair. Just pat dry with towel and do not comb when wet. Avoid blow dryers allow the hair to dry naturally.

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