Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is derived from the plant Lavendula Augustifolia. It is one of the most popular and frequently used oil in aromatherapy. It is believed to be a multipurpose oil and has anti inflammatory, anti fungal , anti depressant , anti bacterial , anti microbial properties as well as exhibits anti spasmodic, sedative, analgesic ,hypotensive effects. It can be taken orally, applied topically or inhaled. But should be consumed only after consulting and should applied after mixing with an appropriate carrier oil. Lavender oil has many benefits:

    For Skin:

  • Being anti bacterial and anti inflammatory in nature it helps to reduce acne. Mix with coconut oil  and apply on the face after cleaning it. A drop of argan oil added to a drop of lavender oil and applied twice a day to a stubborn pimple can reduce inflammation.
  • Its anti inflammatory property help to reduce the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Mix two drops of it with equal amount of tea tree oil and 2 tsp of coconut oil and apply it to the patch daily.
  • Helps in hyperpigmentation and patchy skin.
  • Anti oxidant properties help to fight free radicals and helps to lessen fine lines and wrinkles. Mix lavender oil with coconut oil and apply to the face as moisturizer twice a day.
  • Acts as an insect repellent and also relieves pain and itching in case of insect bite.

For Hair:

  • Stimulates the hair growth and leads to thick hair. It may also help in alopecia.
  • Can be used for dandruff and dry scalp helping to deal with itchy scalp.
  • In combination with tea tree oil may help to get rid of lice.
  • It can be added to the hair products like shampoo ,conditioner, hair oils etc
  • It can be used as hair serum to reduce the frizziness and split ends also preventing hair breakage.

Anxiety and Insomnia: Exhibits calming effect and can be used to minimize anxiety also inducing relaxed sleep and deal insomnia thus acting as a stress buster.

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