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  Various Exercises for a healthy glowing skin

Exercising any part of the body benefits as it boosts the muscle strength and improves the blood supply and oxygen delivery similarly exercising benefits the skin health too. Exercise leads to sweating which removes toxins and opens the skin pores allowing it to breathe freely. It releases the elevated hormonal and immune response to stress which lead to breakouts and flare up. Improved blood circulation can make the skin glow.

Aerobic Exercises help to reduce inflammation and improve immunity due to increased blood, oxygen and nutrient circulation ,this in turn help to relieve major skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

Exercises like crunches, bridges and pelvic thrusts helps to tighten the skin by reducing the flabby skin on the arms, legs and belly.

Jumping jack and rotational jack are also some of the beneficial exercises which results in clean glowing skin.

Deep breathing exercises like abdominal breathing and alternate nostril breathing( anulom-vilom) help to release stress and gives a glow to the otherwise pale looking skin.

Face Yoga: It involves massage and exercises that stimulate the face muscles, skin and lymphatic system. They relax the face and reduce the stress and also help to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. Repeating these exercises 10-15 times a day may provide the necessary benefit after regular practise. Some of the face yoga exercises are:

  1. Cheek puffs: This helps to strengthen the cheek muscles and gives lifted and plump cheeks.
  • Breathe through the mouth and fill air in the cheeks.
  • Move air from one cheek to other
  • Release the air.

2) Fish Face:

  • Suck in the inside portion of the cheek to look like a fish face
  • Open the eyes wide without blinking and hold the position for some time
  • Then release and blink your eyes and come back to previous position.

3) Kiss and Smile: This one targets the cheeks and chin and results in a youthful jawline and plump cheeks.

  • Alternately make a pout as if to kiss and then smile broadly

4) Lift Eyebrows: This relaxes tension and lessens the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead.

  • Place each hands index finger half inch above the eyebrows.
  • Raise eyebrows as much as you can and press them down with the index fingers.

5) Stretching Eyelids: This keeps the eyelids tight and prevent them to droop with age.

  • Raise the eyebrows and look upwards.
  • Then close the eyes softly while still looking upwards

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