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Reasons for Wrinkles: is it possible to prevent them?

Wrinkles are the cause of concern for every individual but cannot be prevented and is a normal part of ageing. However taking right care of the skin from the right age can delay the wrinkling process  and minimise them. They are most prominent on face, neck ,arms and fore arms. Another measure contributor to wrinkling is sun exposure , pollution and smoking. They are in the form of lines and creases and may also become deep crevices and furrows.

Causes of wrinkles:

Age: Collagen is naturally present in the body and as people get older the collagen production in the body decreases leading to wrinkles, fine lines , sagging , thinning of skin. Skin tends to get drier than before. Maintaining a  proper life style would help to certain extent to prevent or minimise wrinkles and fine lines.

Smoking: Smoking cigarettes is said to decrease the collagen and results in loss of elasticity.

Alcohol consumption: This damages the skin repairing mechanism and further reduces collgen production.

Consumption of processed foods and excess sugar:  This reduces the collagen turnover and its ability to interact with other proteins resulting in premature ageing.

Sun Exposure: Excessive exposure to sun can also affect the collagen production.

Facial Expressions: Smiling, frowning, squinting and some other common facial expression contribute to prominent wrinkles over a period of time. Some such wrinkles and fine lines are frown lines and crows feet.

Environmental factors: The pollutants enter the pores of the skin and breaks down the collagen. Some of the pollutants are particulate matter, soot and nitrogen dioxide. Most of them due to vehicles and industries.

Ways to prevent wrinkles:

  • Maintaining a proper life style which involves having proper diet, exercise, sleep. Consuming sufficient amount of proteins through fish, poultry, beans and eggs. Vitamin C is necessary for the production of Collagen and hence consuming vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits, peppers and berries. Vitamin A rich products also contribute to collagen production
  • Refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Apply appropriate sunscreen before stepping out of the house. Reapply every few hours.
  • Collagen supplements are also available but long term use may also show some side effects so try to be as natural as possible.
  • Avoid intake of carbonated drinks, sugary foods and processed foods. Foods rich in advanced glycation end (AGE’s) products can stiffen the collagen production and hamper the skin repair mechanism. Example of such foods are fried foods like French fries, fried chicken and many frozen ready to cook foods.
  • Following a skin care routine which involves cleaning, toning , moisturizing helps to keep the skin soft and supple and may delay the process. Make up must be removed before going to bed or it will clog pores and affect the production of collagen . Serums are used which contain concentrated actives and penetrate deeply in the skin nourishing it and preventing dryness.

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