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Different hair types and hair care routines

Just as there are different types of individuals with different nature, style, habits, skin types similarly they have different types of hair and they should be taken care of accordingly. The hair type depends on the genetics of the person.

There are four basic types of hair depending on the curl pattern.

  1. Straight
  2. Wavy
  3. Curly
  4. Coily

They are further divided into sub categories depending on the tightness or looseness of the curl.

Here is how you can take care of the hair according to their type.

  1. Straight Hair: These type of  hair has no curls or waves at all. They have a tendency to get oily so products used should not add extra oil to the hair and scalp.
  • Avoid heavy hair creams and serums , prefer a light conditioner against any leave in conditioners.
  • Coconut oil, jojoba oil, apple cider vinegar, aloevera , honey will nourish this type of hair and keep it soft. Use a gentle SLS free shampoo.
  • Dry shampoo can be beneficial as it absorbs the greasiness from the scalp. Clarifying shampoo once a week can prevent the product build up and weighing down of hair.
  • A paddle brush is suitable for such hair types

2) Wavy Hair: This hair type has loose S shape strands. In some curls are bit more defined but the roots are straight and in some the S shape is almost tight.

  • Wavy hair need conditioning without fail and deep conditioning in between.
  • Select a shampoo which is made for wavy/curly hair. Opt for sulphate free shampoo and donot wash often.
  • Prefer cold shower over hot/warm shower as cold shower helps to close the cuticles and help penetration of the moisture from the shampoo and conditioner.
  • Pour apple cider vinegar mixed with water over the wet hair to remove the build up and dandruff from the scalp.
  • Let the wet hair dry naturally and avoid using a hair dryer and heat styling tools as it will cause frizz.
  • Detangle the hair with fingers first followed by a wide tooth comb.
  • Use a mousse to control frizz and twist and squeeze the hair to maintain the waves. Apply the mousse by partitioning the hair to coat properly.

3) Curly Hair: This type of hair are tightly coiled S shaped and look like springs. Inspite of being curly the hair can be thick ,coarse, fine, soft.

  • They need specific shampoo for the hair type and shampoo needs to be moisturizing and sulphate free. Pre shampoo treatment with a hair mask or oil 30 min prior to washing hair. Covering hair with warm moist towel will allow to trap moisture and allow more penetration of the product.
  • The conditioner has to be kept for a long time than the other hair types in order to penetrate the moisture.
  • Donot brush the hair as they are delicate, dry and brittle. Use fingers to detangle and a wide toothed comb.
  • Heat styling tolls can further dry the hair and must be avoided.
  • Start with lukewarm water in shower and end with cold water as it helps maintain the natural oils and give a shine.
  • Try to avoid friction in all the movements to avoid damage and breakage. Use a satin pillowcase to avoid friction while sleeping.
  • Coconut, castor and olive oil can be used for oiling hair overnight or one hour prior to washing.
  • Hair mask of :
    • a) Avocado, olive oil and honey can help with the extra moisturizing and shine.
      • b) Olive oil, eggs , vinegar and mayonnaise when kept for 30 minutes prior shampoo will give that extra shine.

4) Coily Hair: This hair type are tighter and coarser than the Curly hair. Due to their structure the absorption of moisture gets tough leading to dry strands. They require intense moisturising.

  • The intense moisturizing can be achieved by the following three steps :
    • Leave in products : Adding a leave-in in the routine will give a extra dose of moisture.
    • Oiling: A light massage with coconut oil will help to hydrate the hair as coily hair have problem circulating natural oils
    • Creams: thick cream based products like those containing shea butter or mango butter can further help lock moisture.
  • They have a tendency to shrink due to the coily structure. Tying them in braids can  help to lengthen the hair.
  • They are quite fragile and tend to break easily. So deep conditioning is recommended for better penetration of product which leads to softening of hair.

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